At Mavericx, we create innovative and outstanding Customer, Cutting-edge and Cloud Experience !

Mavericx deliver innovative solutions using Salesforce and complementary Cloud technologies.
Passion, innovation and persistence make an unbeatable combination for success.

Customer Experience

Omnichannel approach for Salesforce CRM, Digital Marketing and Digital experience implementations.

Cutting-edge Experience

From Process Mining, RPA, BPM and Hyperautomation, to Artificial Intelligence and Data Intelligence.

Cloud Experience

IT Architecture, Virtualization, Integration, Security and Audit for IaaS/Paas/SaaS Cloud solutions.

Salesforce expertise, Customer Experience, CRM, Digital Marketing & Digital Experience

Ensure the very best Customer Experience each and every time

Understand customers’ habits and patterns, improve their experience across every platform, give each customer a personalized 1-to-1 journey, and implement the right tools to facilitate customer experience management.

Automation expertise, Hyperautomation, RPA, BPM, Artificial Intelligence & Data Intelligence

Innovation at the Cutting-edge: The Experience of hyperautomation

Hyperautomation allows you to focus your time and intelligence on future and innovation, to be more agile and efficient.

Cloud expertise, IT Architecture, Integration, Security & Audit for Cloud solutions

We design, develop and operate your Cloud Experience journey

As Cloud experts, we support you in Cloud architecture consulting, Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud strategy, Cloud migration, Cloud integration, Cloud implementation and IS security.

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