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"For every cloud engenders not a storm."

William Shakespeare

Expert Consulting in Cyber Security and Crisis Management

Cyber Crisis Preparedness and Response

We specialize in cybersecurity consulting and crisis management, offering comprehensive strategies to prepare your business for potential cyber attacks. 

Our services include developing reflex sheets and detailed procedures to follow in the event of a cyber incident. We help establish a robust organizational structure to manage cyber crises effectively. Our technical action plans cover critical decisions, such as whether to disconnect servers or encrypt data, ensuring your response is swift and effective.

 We also guide your internal and external communication strategies, including how to handle media relations and inform the public about data breaches. Additionally, we include a plan for returning to normal operations to ensure a smooth and efficient recovery after a crisis.


Business Continuity and IT Recovery Planning

Additionally, we focus on business continuity planning to ensure your operations remain functional during a crisis. 

We assist in creating a business continuity plan to manage disruptions caused by IT issues, logistical problems, or other triggering elements of a crisis. This plan outlines how to prioritize and maintain essential services. 

Our IT continuity plan helps you recover lost data and mitigate delays, ensuring your business quickly returns to normal operations. 

By preparing for various scenarios, we help your business stay resilient and responsive in the face of cyber threats.

Comprehensive Pentesting Services

We offer Pentesting Services to meticulously measure the security of your enterprise and network. Our approach is tailored to each client, recognizing that every business has unique types of sensitive data and security requirements.

We conduct thorough penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities and assess the robustness of your security measures. Our team provides detailed reports and actionable insights to strengthen your defenses. By simulating real-world cyber attacks, we help ensure your systems are resilient against potential threats, safeguarding your critical data and maintaining your business integrity.

Backup and Recovery Solutions for Cloud Environments

When your business operates in the cloud, your data is not saved elsewhere, making it vulnerable to threats like ransomware and hacks. If a problem arises, recovering lost data can be nearly impossible. That’s why we, at Mavericx, offer comprehensive backup, cloud restoration, and prevention solutions.

Our services ensure your critical data is securely backed up and easily recoverable, even in the face of cyber threats. We provide automated backup solutions tailored to cloud platforms (Salesforce, AWS, GCP …), ensuring your data is safe and accessible. Our cloud restoration services enable swift recovery, minimizing downtime and operational disruption. Additionally, our prevention strategies help safeguard against potential threats, ensuring your business continuity and data integrity.

Our services


Insight-driven thinking and facilitated discussion across the business to identify the problem.

Cyber Crisis Response

Develop reflex sheets and procedures for effective cyber incident management, ensuring swift and decisive responses.

Communication Strategy

Guide internal and external communication during crises, managing media relations and public information on data breaches.

IT Recovery Planning

Create IT continuity plans to recover lost data and mitigate delays, ensuring swift return to normal operations.

Business Continuity

Develop plans to maintain essential services during crises, ensuring resilience and operational functionality.

Pentesting Services

Conduct thorough penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities, providing actionable insights to strengthen your defenses.

Backup Solutions

Provide automated backup and cloud restoration solutions, ensuring data safety and swift recovery from cyber threats.


Our Cloud audit process gives you an accurate and detailed report into the current state of your business infrastructure.


Our objective is to improve your Cloud governance and maintain the availability, integrity, compliance, and confidentiality of your data.

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