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Create Personalized Customer Experiences using MuleSoft and Data Cloud

Join us on September 3 to discover how MuleSoft, Salesforce Data Cloud, and Generative AI can enhance customer insights, create unified customer views, and automate business processes for highly personalized experiences. Learn from real-world examples in Financial Services and Retail, and see how these technologies drive growth by improving data quality and connectivity.

It's not too late !

The events we have organized, co-organized and in which we have participated :

Generative AI for Sales

Join us in Geneva on June 12th, at the Hôtel Royal Geneva to learn from industry experts how GenAI powered solutions can foster lead scoring, opportunity scoring or next best action. We will also demonstrate how the right CRM + CTI combination can turbocharge your sales representatives productivity. 


The Salesforce World Tour is coming to Switzerland’s, Tuesday June 4th in Zurich, and we’ll be there for this exciting event.

The World Tour Essentials events give you a chance to hear the latest directly from the Salesforce community in a compact, one-day format. It’s the best way to keep up with innovations from Salesforce and its partners.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

CZECH DREAMIN 2024 : Backup solutions: same same but different. Understand which one is best for you, Cyril Louis & Iulian Chiriac, 101 level

Running your business in the Cloud does not mean your data are safe and backed up properly. Oups! 

Join this session on Friday May 17th to understand and discover a range of data backup solutions and to learn about their unique features, pricing models, as well as advantages and suitability for different contexts. Please note that we will also address the possibility of backing up Marketing Cloud data (as usually the most of focus is put on Sales/Service Cloud). So join us to find the perfect fit for your organization’s needs.

Journey to Best Practices in DevOps for Salesforce

Join us to discuss how to initiate your journey in DevOps for Salesforce, learn Best Practices, and get Lessons Learned from a major luxury brand customer!

A great opportunity to meet the local Swiss community in-person in on Wednesday May 15th Geneva, and of course, always Fun and Networking.


Le temps d’une journée, découvrez comment l’IA, une plateforme CRM et des données fiables augmentent les capacités de vos équipes, les rendent plus productives et créatives et les aident à façonner une expérience client mémorable. Témoignages, démos, ateliers et échanges entre pairs, vous apporteront des idées brillantes pour accélérer votre voyage vers l’IA de confiance.

Nous y étions le 12 mars dernier. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d’informations

French touch dreamin' 2023

Join us on Thursday November 30th in Paris to discover Einstein Trust Layer : Under the Hood !


Couldn’t join Dreamforce ? We’ve got you covered 

Mavericx attended Salesforce Dreamforce and will bring back to Geneva the very best highlights of this conference.

Join us on Tuesday September 26th in Geneva to learn the Best of Dreamforce: Data + AI + CRM + Trust !


Join us on Friday, June 9, 2023 at Salesforce’s “London’s Calling” event for a full day of learning, networking and fun.

Join our CEO, Cyril Louis, as he presents a selection of solutions (AppExchange applications or external solutions) that integrate with Marketing Cloud to leverage the power of your platform.


salesforce world tour essentials : join our special guest speakers

Join us on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 for the Salesforce World Tour in Lausanne for a full day of meeting with guest speakers.

Join our CEO, Cyril Louis, as he and other experts present why our customers and partners need to support the learning of new skills, embrace a diverse and inclusive workforce and continue their training to stay successful.

Supercharge Salesforce Marketing Cloud: The Ultimate Apps Guide

It’s official: Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the #1 Marketing Platform!* But being #1 is not being perfect… And you are right by asking how you could increase the capabilities of Marketing Cloud?

So let’s kick this out and see how to easily extend the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Join us : Friday, May 26th, 2023, in Czech Republic to will discover a selection of solutions

– AppExchange apps or external solutions
– that integrate with Marketing Cloud to leverage the power of your platform.
* based on research publications from IDC, Gartner and Forrester

CDP, pilier de votre stratégie D’ENGAGEMENT marketing ?

Rejoignez-nous le mardi 9 mai 2023 à Genève, en compagnie de Raptor et Acticto, pour parler d’expérience client et aborder la CDP comme un enjeu de la stratégie d’engagement marketing. 


Unleash Customer Loyalty with Salesforce Loyalty Management!

Join us in-person in Geneva on May 4th, 2023, to learn from Clémentine Liu from Accenture DACH, how this game-changing tool can help you create tailored loyalty programs across your entire Salesforce ecosystem, taking your Customer Experience to the next level! From loyalty perks to personalized rewards, get ready to supercharge your customer lifetime value.

Get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud​

Join us : Thursday, April 6th, 2023, in Geneva, to learn how to leverage the platform: from #segmentation, rating, vouchers, loyalty program and more, to ChatGPT!

prémunissez-vous des attaques en 2023

Attaques de solutions d’authentification multifactorielle (MFA), triples extorsions, attaques de phishing, alors que les entreprises se numérisent à grande vitesse et que les systèmes d’information se complexifient toujours plus, les cyberattaques se multiplient et touchent tous types de structures.

Rejoignez-nous pour faire le point sur les tendances à surveiller en matière de cybermenaces et contourner la crise.

All about Automation in Salesforce: from Flows, to Mulesoft RPA, to Test Automation

Thursday, January 19th, 2023, join us in Geneva to learn everything you need to know about automation in Salesforce: from flows, to Mulesoft RPA, to test automation!

Salesforce Live Zurich
New chances for companies and talents through reskilling

The job market is changing – new knowledge and skills are needed. For the Salesforce ecosystem alone, we expect 81.600 net new jobs in Switzerland by 2026. Find out in our discussion panel why companies need to endorse learning new skills and further education to remain successful. Particularly, reskilling opens up completely new career opportunities for motivated talents.

Join us on Wednesday, November 2nd, in Zurich, to discover new business and talent opportunities through reskilling.

North Africa Dreamin
Supercharge Salesforce Marketing Cloud:
The Ultimate Apps Guide

Dreamin, a Salesforce conference led by the community for the community!
Join us Saturday, October 22th, in Casablanca to boost your knowledge with international experts and meet the main Salesforce players in Morocco, Africa and Europe.

The Future of Service

Meet us with Salesforce and Vonage on Tuesday 4th of October at Warwick Geneva to discuss the Future of Service.

Best of Dreamforce 2022

Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference, is always full of innovation and new features! We’ve gone through it and curated the highlights of this Dreamforce conference. Thursday, September 29th, join us to learn the Best of Dreamforce!

From Omni-Channel to Omni-Experience

Tuesday 31th of May at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel of Geneva to discuss the future of retail with Salesforce and Bayretail.

czech Dreamin
Known and unknown Salesforce Marketing Cloud limitations… and some workarounds

Join us Friday, May 27th, in this session to learn from what I have faced around topics such as testing, data sync, lead scoring, customer journeys and more.

*Tips you don’t have from official online documentation*